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The Pearls Collection Mykonos is a luxury hospitality – property management company, spearheaded by a team of talented and highly skilled experts of the tourism industry that offers a complete travel experience by combining luxurious accommodation with highly personalized services.

We perceive our company to be just as unique and precious as a rare, high-quality pearl and we want this value to be reflected in our villas which we intend to pinpoint as masterpiece estates in the minds of travelers, properties to which they’ll desire to return again and again.

Our Story

The concept behind the creation of The Pearls Collection sprouted in 2013 when the company’s founder took a short trip to Mykonos. The journey unfolded several difficulties and flaws that could potentially blemish the overall travel experience in the “island of winds”. The Pearls Collection Mykonos began operations shortly after on a mission to bolster the destination’s international fame, rejuvenate the luxury hospitality scene and completely transform the guest experience.

Equipped with an ability to grasp the impossible and a vision to materialize the unimaginable, we have recently broadened our operations and expanded to two of the most fascinating destinations on the globe; Saint Tropez and Ibiza. Both locations were chosen after meticulous strategic planning for their distinctive extravagant lifestyles and the abundance of natural beauty they feature.

Today, The Pearls Collection operates in three different countries and counts more than one hundred staff members, with additional expansion plans in popular international winter destinations in the near future. Driven by a vision to reach the most extraordinary locations and an inherent determination to redefine luxury hospitality, The Pearls Collection will continue to grow and strive for transcendence on a quest of excellence.

Our Values



we believe in being fair and will always strive to find a balance that makes all stakeholders happy



we do things simply, effectively and quickly, without cutting corners



we will always keep our promises and strive to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust



we believe that transparency leads to greater trust and its paramount to our success

The problem we are solving

For Holiday makers

Finding the most suitable Villa to suit your personal needs can be a tedious process. The rapid growth of booking sites has empowered individual owners to undercut the middlemen, but navigating through a vast number of booking sites to find the right property at an acceptable price is time-consuming. Dealing with agents that act as middlemen entails a number of dangers and ends up being an overpriced option due to commissions and other fees. At The Pearls Collection Mykonos, we guarantee flawless accommodation and immaculate bespoke services that will satisfy even most demanding travellers. Just browse through our collection, find the perfect villa and book directly at the lowest rates in just a few steps!

For Property owners

Privately managing a property at one of the busiest summer destinations worldwide can certainly be a challenging task. Most property owners struggle to oversee the complicated management processes remotely while having no guaranteed income and seeing reduced annual profits due to higher costs. Adopting a unique hands-on approach with heavy operations focus has allowed The Pearls Collection Mykonos to help owners by managing all aspects of the operations and offer a guaranteed income while delivering a better experience to guests and leaving owners with substantially more free time. We consistently monitor the management and operations processes of all the properties incorporated into our portfolio and deliver frequent reports and significantly higher profits to property owners!

The Pearls Collection Mykonos in numbers


250+ properties


130 experts


3 offices

s guests

40.000 satisfied guests