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The Pearls Collection Mykonos is the number one property management company in Mykonos. Spearheaded by a team of talented and highly skilled experts of the tourism industry, The Pearls Collection Mykonos leases, upgrades and manages luxury villas in Mykonos, and then sub-leases them to holidaymakers.

We handpick and exclusively manage all properties in our portfolio with a thorough and methodical approach that enables us to offer a standardized, high-quality product at very competitive rates and bespoke travel services that are designed to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding travelers.



Guaranteed Revenue

Guaranteed Revenue

We estimate and offer a pre-agreed price for the duration of the lease, without agent commissions or extra charges, payable on time

Property Management

Property Management

We offer a complete facilities maintenance solution for your home.  We cover the costs, and also manage the process

Local Presence & Expertise

Local Presence & Expertise

With a year-round, full-time presence in Mykonos and an on-site team with extensive expertise, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.



We offer flexible contract terms that cover you in all cases and events, which can be extended or canceled any time


We like things simple and straightforward. Our property on-boarding process is comprised of a few keys steps, designed to give you an instant decision and offer.

Earnings Estimation

Swimming Pool
80,400 €
93 days
Figures are based on actual aggregate data from a sample size of 758 Villas rented in the 2018 season. Results may vary from season to season and the numbers are not intended to be used as a basis for an offer but rather as yardstick for comparison. Various factors affect actual performance which may include: pricing strategy, minimum stay and cancellation policies, photo shooting, rating, channel strategy and more.

Owner Reviews

More than 100 owners have trusted us with their Villas, guaranteed a steady cash flow and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I rent my Villa to The Pearls Collection Mykonos?

If we were to describe the benefits we offer in four words, these would be Complete, Fair, Flexible, Guaranteed. We believe that we are the ideal “tenant” for property owners who want to monetise their assets. We offer a professional property management service with an extensive local presence and a complete maintenance team, which offers piece of mind when it comes to everything that has to do with the property. In addition, we offer competitive fair market rates for the properties we lease, and guarantee a steady revenue stream for owners.

What are the property management services that you offer?

When it comes to property management, we offer the following services that cover the complete spectrum of property management & maintenance:


• Delivery inspection and maintenance (painting, pool cleaning/painting and filling up, various part replacement, electrical & other mechanical checks)
• Pool maintenance
• Garden maintenance
• Electrical & plumbing systems
• Bills payment
• House cleaning
• Check-in/checkout
• Insurance
• Light construction work (pergolas, walls, dividers, bathroom upgrades etc)

Is the revenue guaranteed?

Yes. Our offer is legally binding and contractually guaranteed and our contract terms will satisfy even the most cautious and demanding owners.

How long is the lease?

Typically, our lease contracts are seasonal, from the 1st of April until the 31st of October, with 2 weeks on each side reserved for maintenance and repair from prior to season start and after the season end. We are flexible to consider owner requests for own occupancy, which we usually factor in the price of our offer.

Under certain circumstances, we are interested in longer term contracts of 3years or more, for example when we invest in the construction or renovation of a property.

Who will stay in my Villa?

We market our portfolio properties to holiday makers across the world. While we focus on specific markets, our clients come from all over the world and are typically families or large group of friends, with an average stay from 5 days to 1 week.

Do you also handle upgrades?

Yes. In certain cases, when we see properties with untapped potential, we like to come in and improve them through various levels of upgrades or renovation, helping you take advantage of the full commercial benefits of your property. We don’t have a limit in the budget as long as its commercially viable, and we design the contract terms accordingly. As this is a case by case approach, please get in tough with us to discuss your project and how we can help!